Classic Harmony 2024

Your place to be – comfortable, superior designed living, our renowned kitchen, our included holiday benefits, and a beneficial therapy in our Beauty Lounge.

Classic Harmony 20242023-08-28T14:05:07+00:00

Wellness & Hiking 2024

The power of the mountains, the regenerative qualities in our Spa, and the award „The Austrian Hiking Seal of Approval“ . All waiting for you to discover and come alive in.

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The glory of autumn 2024

Autumn is a time of transition, autumn is when mother nature bows down to morning dews and the winds of change. A wonderous time to get outdoors and watch nature as she prepares for winter, and enjoy the healthy benefits of our Spa. See our „Wish List“ and choose your favourite therapies from our Beauty Lounge.

The glory of autumn 20242023-09-04T14:17:03+00:00

Queen of the Alps 2024

An accommodation that surrounds you with the living benefits of „Stone Pine“ furnishings, the „King of the Alps“. This very special timber is the star of this summer special.

Queen of the Alps 20242023-09-22T09:12:13+00:00
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